Workshops & Lessons



All levels of delivery from pre school to degree level learning covered. If you have a group who want to get engaged with music technology FPB has activities and equipment you need. 

Please fill in the contact form with your requirements.

In person learning

Lessons in Ableton, Raspberry Pi Music , iOS Music, Pure Data Max and Max for Live are offered in person across East Sussex*, Kent* and London* and from the FPB base in St Leonards on Sea.

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*Subject to additional travel charges.

On line learning

Video link lessons for Ableton, Raspberry Pi Music,  iOS music, Pure Data, Max and Max for Live are available on line prices starting from just £10 a lesson. 

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FPB Development & Teaching Platforms

Max for Live


The best platform on which to create a device to work specifically inside the Ableton Live DAW.

Max 8


The Stand Alone version of Max for Live, devices created in Max can run on pretty much any Windows PC or Mac.

Pure Data


Pure data is a related set of software development tools to Max but less featured. However it  can run on very basic Linux computers like Raspberry Pi offering very cost-effective music solutions.

FPB also develops for...


...VSTs, MOD & LV2, Supercollider, iOS* and Android*.

*additional consultation required for mobile app development.

Other Platforms


Need to run your music software some other way?  Or just seeking some other novel way to interact to produce sound? FPB still may be able to help you and if not could point you to the person or people who can.



Q. You have Max for Live devices for Push1, do they work with Push2?

A. No, probably not, they are untested with Push2.

If you have another Q to make FA then please fill in the contact form.