Push Locker

Push Locker v 1.6 Now with Multi-Push functionality and rotary control release! 

Push Locker turns off all Push controls except the Pads and the pitch bend bar...no more time wasted resetting push to the correct mode for your students!

Simply drop this M4L device anywhere in your live set  to easily restrict the function of your Push 1 to just the notes/drums and pitch-bend.

Designed for use with FPB_Class_Control and FPB_Push_Colour_Notes and other FPB multi push devices.

Updated video coming soon

Push Colour Notes

Check out this set up video for Push Colour Notes, update out now with Multi-Push and Drum Rack capabilities.

Push Colour notes now supports up to 6 Push units per Live set each one controlling a different instrument or drum rack track.

Instrument tracks function as usual but assign pad colours according to note name.

Drum Rack tracks work like 64 pad mode and assign pad colours according to the pad name.

Push Colour notes also works with Push Locker and Push Class Control.

Push Class Control

Push Class Control is a bank of control buttons that will control every Push unit connected to the live set with FPB Max for Live devices. 

Lock/Unlock and Arm and Mute all of your classroom in one click.

Push Single Note Groups 2x2

Intended for use by special needs students the Push Single Note Groups devices reduce the range of notes produced on the 64 Push pads.

This 2x2 version will allow any user to play drums on the Push with their palms which can be a better performance experience.

update coming soon

Push Single Note Groups 4x4

Intended for use by special needs students the Push Single Note Groups devices reduce the range of notes produced on the 64 Push pads.

update coming soon

Pop Up Piano

Pop Up Piano (version 1.6.3):
4 Floating windows MIDI notes and scales display.  Includes proper scale spellings.

There is a window for:
a. 88 Piano Keys, now with note name & scale guides
b. Staves now with note name & scale guide*
c. Pitch Bend and Modulation feed back
d. Large display note name

*can not yet display double sharps and double flats on the stave view.

Chord Strummer

Chord Strummer v1.0 is a  MIDI device that by default creates major chords from single note inputs. 

The notes are played out with a variable delay and attenuation to create a strumming effect.

You can use the presets to create the chords in Piano, Guitar and Ukelele styles.

Place the device behind Lives scale MIDI effect to keep the output in key.

Open Up the advanced controls for more creative options.

Download Link

Pop Up Comment

Pop up comment creates two floating text windows in Live useful for putting instructions and descriptions in to.

ATD3 and ATD3 MIDI Remote Control

ATD3 is a 3 voiced audio transposer with  separate delay, gain and pan for each voice.

The ATD MIDI remote control allows for the transposition intervals to be set and reset in real time with any MIDI controller. 

Random Interval Ear Training

Random Interval Ear Training is a Max for Live MIDI device designed to  test and improve aural intonation.

Place this device behind the Ableton instrument and play or click in a reference note. The device will randomly generate another note up to an octave / 12 semitones away and you have to play back that same note to score a point.

Repeat until ready to stop, following the instructions in the top left corner of the device.

Includes a timer and points tally for your enjoyment / reference. Download